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Booty firm and glow butter. To firm up the skin. To alleviate dry skin. Whipped Africa Shea blended with essential oils and a mix of other oils, Vitamin E, and Aloe Vera. Rub across the booty cheeks for a moisturizing and glowing look. Continued daily use helps to firm up the skin. 4oz.


✅ Authentic Whipped Shea

✅ Cruelty Free

✅ 100% Organic

✅ Nourishing & Moisturing

✅ Silky Smooth Non-Greasy

✅ Promotes Healthy Skin

✅ Customers have seen results in as few as two days

✅ Black Women Owned 

Shea Booty Firm & Glow Butter

SKU: 0001
  • Organic Vegan Cruelty Free skincare product made with African Shea Butter, Essential Oils and Other Oils. Complete list is located on the product label. Test the product in the back of your hand before using on large body area.

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